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This season we have teamed up with Australian/Japanese artist Mia Taninaka, who creates lively paintings that embody elements of magic, mysticism, and spirituality in fine lines and expansive color. Drawing inspiration from ancient mythologies, diverse cultures and deep spiritual practice, Mia’s paintings are interpretations of the realms beyond the surface layers of reality and inspire the viewer to explore the possibilities of subtle awareness.

Sunshine & Chakra.

"When people look at my art, they can see elements of nature around them. So they might see mountains or little plants or little spirits" - Mia Taninaka. 

The Studio.

"What i like to look at is the deeper layer behind things so, i think there is a huge amount of magic and beauty in everyday life and i guess when i paint thats what I'm trying to show" - Mia Taninaka. 

Rainbows Fleece.

The Rainbows Fleece showcases an embroidered rainbow and is made from 100% organic cotton.

Chakra Tee.

"Its funny when you're walking down the street and you see someone coming towards you and you see them wearing your art. It makes me proud" - Mia Taninaka.

You could be this person in the Chakra Tee

Japanese Heritage.

"I think that my Japanese heritage influences my outlook on life. Japan has a really strong sense of culture and tradition and spirituality" - Mia Taninaka. 

The Family.

Mia with her lovely bunch if kids, husband, Surfer & Meditation Guru Jasson at their parents house in the Byron Bay Hinterland. 

Byron Shire.

"I live in Ocean Shores which is in Byron Shire, NSW. The sense of community here is really great" - Mia Taninaka. 

To have a deeper look into Mia's wonderful outlook on art and life check out the video and Banks Journal Studio collection.  

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